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A competitive team-based strategy game focused on individual impact and action-packed gameplay for all types of players.


The problem we are addressing is present in team-based multiplayer strategy video games where players are struggling to impact the outcome of their games, leading to frustration and a toxic in-game environment. Moreover, the current solutions create scenarios where players are forced to experience extremely irritating situations where they are victims of the circumstances surrounding them rather than shaping them.


Develop a team-based multiplayer strategy game from the ground up where the main focus lies on the individual impact of the player thus eliminating irritable game situations. These include a lack of individual impact and periods of gameplay where no meaningful actions happen. In order to achieve the mentioned goals, the overall game dynamics are adjusted to incorporate more interactions between opposing players such as: • Revised game objectives (recapturable objectives, win condition) • Overhaul of the game characters (abilities, passives) • Adjustments to the systems of the game (economy, items). All of the above-mentioned measures are carefully considered with the novice players’ accessibility in mind while preserving the ability of experienced players to express themselves.

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