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Portable Café
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Social Innovation
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Portable Café

The Challenge

Too few employment opportunities for people with a medical condition and the lack of portable cafes in the Netherlands. The portable café is an absolutely independent bar that doesn't need a plug to re-energize the batteries. SunPower sunlight powered chargers are fit for creating sufficient power for both the engine and the coffee machine. It has a lovely retro plan and is built of steel and aluminum to be durable and perform for quite a long time without the requirement for administration. Low price tag and low upkeep costs. Every one of the parts you should change over the course of the years are the ordinary pieces of the bicycle, for example, tires and brake cushions

The Solution

To create more work opportunities for people with a medical condition I would like to introduce a portable cafe on an electric bike in the Netherlands. People can buy coffee, cold drinks but also pastries and snacks.

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