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Pre-Uni Academy Bulgaria
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Social Innovation
GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
GOAL 4: Quality Education

Pre-Uni Academy Bulgaria

The Challenge

In Bulgaria, the educational system is not on the same level as in Europe. This creates a gap between what the universities abroad expect as prerequisite knowledge and what the high schools in Bulgaria actually offer. This makes the already hard enough first year for the students even more difficult. They are missing major topics, mainly in mathematics, which prevents them from fully understanding the courses they are taking as well as gives them difficulties in the exams. And as we all know the 1st year in university is an elimination game where up to 35% of freshmen drop out.

The Solution

The academy will offer 2 types of services: courses and private lessons in pre-calculus and algebra. These will help students prepare for studying abroad where this knowledge has already been taught in high school and will not be covered in university. This will help the students be more prepared and have the prerequisite knowledge to pass their exams. The courses will be taught by Bulgarian university students who will soon graduate and already had these courses. All of the teaching will be done online through a video conference and an online platform with useful information, documents, payment details and schedule.

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