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Energy Transition
GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
GOAL 13: Climate Action


The Challenge

We are providing municipalities with rain water buffering capacity to prevent flooding and overall sewer system stress. While local governments already have many rain water buffering systems in place, they are quite expensive and restricted to publicly owned land. Our solution encourages citizens, small businesses and anybody with a water harvesting system to connect with their local governments to offer their buffering capacity in case of heavy rain.

The Solution

To achieve this we built a module which can monitor water level and temperature on rain barrels. It can also remotely empty them using an electronic valve. Our online infrastructure allows us to store and visualize data, providing municipalities with a complete overview of the private water buffering capacity in real time. Additionally, the online server is constantly pulling the latest weather data to instruct buffers to empty when needed, depending on their location and the current forecast. Finally, our solution will provide an online monitoring interface for private users too. It can be used to plan discharges or set up a minimum amount of water they wish to keep at any point in their barrel for example. We hope this will encourage locals to help their municipalities, but also promote water harvesting by making it easier!

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