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Med Tech
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


The Challenge

70% of lung infections are missed at general practices during a first visit and in 20% of the cases, asthma and COPD are mixed up, while they differ significantly in treatment. This leads to a delay in diagnosis which results in progression of disease, unnecessary medication intake and uncertainty for patients. The missed diagnoses for lung infection, asthma and COPD affect a total of over 200.000 lung patients each year. Currently, general practitioners can only rely on medical history, physical examination, and stethoscope. Research shows that the lack of resources at the general practice leads to the high number of false diagnoses.

The Solution

The company develops an assistive diagnostic tool for the stethoscope which can record sounds. These sounds will be analysed with an AI algorithm to form a diagnosis. The diagnosis is provided as an advice to the doctor, which will guide the doctor in the diagnostic process. The assistive diagnostic tool provides the general practitioner with on-the-spot knowledge about a certain disease. The general practitioner can compare his/her finding with the diagnosis of the AI to make a final diagnosis.

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